Aliens & Space 2021

Let’s have fun for a minute. How real are aliens and why isn’t more focus on space travel. Medium’s trending pages right now is all about Telsa and how to make more money but does any of that really matter? If you found out today that there are alien cultures who are technologically more advanced than us humans, from planets made out of pure gold, would humans still care for stuff as insignificant as paper money or Tesla's newest model ? Well news flash, there isn’t an ‘if’ anymore.

First let’s look at the history of human kind vs space. For years our ancestors, from the ancient Egyptians to recently the l950’s, have always had an historical connection with space. Whether its NASA, UFO sightings or even pictures of mysterious beings on pyramid walls, there’s no doubt that the question on what's really out there is something that every human has once thought. So why all the sudden has there been an increase in alien/space talk? Let’s dive in.

Toward the end of 2020, Trump signed a Covid-19 bill to help Americans but he also included that, “The Department of Defense has 180 days to release and disclose any information they have on UFOs to the public”. This was included in a federal bill and across several big news outlets including CNN. Which isn’t surprising because this is the same President that in 2019, invested millions of American dollars and resources to establish a military branch in SPACE!!! Well maybe that’s too much of a coincidence right? Well what about the Israel scientist, Haim Eshed, who in 2020 said and I QUOTE, “extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it…….A “galactic federation” has been waiting for humans to reach a stage where we will understand what space and spaceships are”. This isn’t just some crazy man talking. This is a well respected professor and former space security chief. He continues to say, “ Trump and the aliens want to reveal their existence but believes it would cause mass hysteria and humans aren’t ready”. But then in 2021, on a Superbowl ad, Space X announced that they are finally opening up space travel to citizens. Yes, in 2021 instead of focusing on writing and working, there are opportunities for normal people to become space astronauts. See the problem is not whether aliens exist or that the government isn’t telling us. The problem is, the general public is blinded and media is only covering topics of minimum importance. There’s plenty of evidence of aliens and gold planets, supported by NASA. We as the people just need to start spreading this information.

So I will ask again , with this new information, how real are aliens and why isn’t more of your attention on that? If our own formal President and scientist around the world are talking about UFOS and Aliens why is this thought still considered science fiction? Why are people brushed off when they talk about it? Have fun, research and start questioning this very REAL and very new reality, because for all we know aliens are here and have been here thousands of years, and in June of 2021 they will finally be revealed to the public.



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